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Nirmal Energy Limited in 22 Years of Customer Service


Nirmal Energy Limited (NEL), a Company of 22 Years excellence. It commenced its operations in 1998 with half dozen dedicated people from the field of heating systems and customer services. 

We have surpassed many economic uncertainties, many market challenges, and many competitors. We rallied unfazed with our product portfolio of Industrial Oil/Gas / Dual Fuel Burners, Industrial Heating Equipment, Heat Transfer Fluids, Pumps and Systems and custom-built industrial engineering equipment. We made NEL to be customer oriented, customer focused products and services Company with presence in Pan-India and Indian subcontinent. We catered the requirements of various products to many countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Middle East, and African Countries.

We introduced best products and technologies to Indian Market in our field of operations which leading the way for Save Energy, Reduce Pollution, and increasing productivity for our customers.

I congratulate the entire team of Nirmal Energy Limited and its Associated Companies like Heatran Engineers Pvt. Ltd., and Nirmal Encon Services for its dedicated services to all customers, and stake holders. We, at our CSR arm MARC Foundation, dedicated to humanitarian services and doing out bit in this noble cause. We also believe that the entire Profit is not for profiteering but to serve the needy, underprivileged, for charity and giving back to society. Thus, we make use part of our profits for humanitarian causes which is an integral part of our values and our Corporate philosophy. We aim at to be a best company and we believe success is a consequence.  

October 05 is an establishment day of Nirmal Energy Limited, I congratulate the entire team of NEL family, associate companies, principal companies, business partners, stake holders and above all, our entire customers. We thank you customers for the 21 years of patronage and trust bestowed on us!!! We look forward to having your support.

We wish all the best to entire NEL management and staff for all future endeavors and projects!!! 

Best Wishes,
Chairman & Managing Director
Nirmal Energy Limited, Ahmedabad.

Other Associated Companies: M/S. Heatran Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Nirmal Encon Services, MS Holdings & Investments.  CSR Arm of NEL: MARC Foundation.


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