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Heat Transfer Fluid - Synthetic | Maxothermie - 600 | 100% Synthetic Thermic Fluid

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Heat Transfer Fluid - Synthetic | Maxothermie - 550 | 100% Synthetic Thermic Fluid

Maxothermie 550 is a Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid used for the transfer of process heat in industries ranging from Textiles, Plywood, Chemicals, Vegetable oil extraction, Paper, Rubber, Road equipment, Paints, Pharma, Food, OEMs, Engineering, and allied industries.
Operating temperature range from: -10℃ to 305℃ (Extended use up to 315℃), (14℉ to 581℉, can be extended up to 599℉).
The advantages of using Synthetic Thermic fluid- Maxothermie-550 includes:
Better low- and high-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremesInternational low viscosity synthetic Thermic Fluids save that energyBetter and higher thermal stability, chemical and shear stabilityThis also helps in decreasing the loss due to evaporationLowest evaporation per systemIt serves resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problemsExtended fluid life with the environmental benefit of less replacement intervalsThe use of Synthetic Thermic Fluid promises achievable longer system lifeSuperio…

The New Era of Oil & Gas Industries - With Technology Revolution

The oil and gas industry is dealing with massive disruption on multiple fronts. Increasing oil price volatility is adding complexity to a fast-changing energy sectors.
With oil and gas industry disruption, wait and see isn’t an option. It’s time to reinvent for a decarbonized, digitalized, demand-driven future, Now.

The oil and gas sector was slower than others to come on board with digitalization, now digital disruption and transformation is front and center of every oil industry conference anywhere in the world.
In an era of rapid change, oil and gas companies will continue to face multiple challenges. But although disruption increases risks, it also creates opportunities to drive growth while boosting the reputational appeal of becoming greener to investors, consumers and employees.

Just as every oil and gas company is unique, so is every transformation journey. Reshaping the oil industry requires companies to pivot their portfolios to the new in a timely way - growing new businesses w…

All about Industrial Pumps & others

pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into Hydraulic energy. Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps.
Industrial pumps are used to move fluid in an industrial application. These pumps use a rotating impeller to accelerate a fluid and increase its pressure. There are dozens of industrial centrifugal pumps including slurry pumps, chopper pumps, sewage pumps, vertical turbine pumps, axial flow pumps and more.
Water pumps are machines for moving water, they play a fundamental part in agriculture as they move water from its source to the fields and crops. Water pumps can be used with many forms of irrigation, such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose. Types of PumpsCentrifugal PumpsVertical Centrifugal PumpsHorizontal Centrifugal PumpsSubmersible PumpsFire Hydrant SystemsDiaphragm Pumps…

Therminol - Heat Transfer Fluids by Eastman Chemical Company

Therminol is a Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid produced by Eastman Chemical Company.Therminol fluids are used in a variety of applications: Plastic ProcessingChemical ProcessingHeat Transfer System MaintenanceFood and Beverage Processing"Eastman offers a family of Therminol heat-stable fluids developed specifically for indirect transfer of process heat. Eastman Therminol heat transfer fluids can meet the operating needs of virtually any single- or multiple-station heat-using system. In properly designed systems our fluids provide excellent thermal stability within their expected temperature ranges." - By Eastman Chemical Company
Therminol 55 Heat Transfer Fluid
Therminol 55 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid used in moderate-temperature applications. Therminol 55 fluid is designed for use in non-pressurized/low-pressure, indirect heating systems. It delivers efficient, dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures.
Excellent Low Temperature PumpabilityExcellent r…

Industrial Burners from Nirmal Energy Limited

The burner is simply a hollow metal disk with holes punctured through its perimeter. And a gas pilot light or electric pilot sits to one side of the burner and sends a small flame or spark to ignite the oxygen-gas mixture as it flows through the holes in the burner.
New Industrial Burner TBG 2000
20 MW: the most powerful monobloc burner ever developed by Baltur. Compact and lightweight, featuring a high efficiency ventilation, thus reduced electrical consumption and low noise emissions.Reduced polluting emissions, extremely high modulation ratio, reliable and easy maintenance.Capable of operating with low excess air (thus high combustion yield), it takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the CO control.New Burner TBG 360 MECONTAINED DIMENSIONS
The most compact product in its power range.HINGE OPENING ON BOTH SIDES
Quick and easy burner maintenance.LOWER / UPPER TRAIN OUTLET
Great flexibility for all installations.LCD CONTROL
Integrated valve tightness control.Discover the entire…

Nirmal Energy Limited Became an Associate of

We are glad to share that Nirmal Energy has became an associate of This strategic alliance will boost the overall sales growth of products and services. Nirmal Energy will use Tepskart O2O Platform for selling Industrial Burners and Heat Transfer Fluids in their territory for their target customers. "This alliances viewed as a step towards a Technological adoption for Industrial product selling and it is a first of its kind initiatives : Direct To Industries”- said by the Group Vice President of Nirmal Energy Limited, Arvind Modgil.Now customer can procure materials through this portal directly and customers can also get onsite services quickly.